Monday, July 7, 2008

My Vacation

Well its Monday morning and I am already back from my vacation, WHY OH WHY does it have to be over already. COME ON!!!! LOL

I did however have a very nice vacation with lots of rest. FINALLY. However I am sooooooooo exhausted, even more so than I was before I left for my vacation.

We didnt do a whole lot , but we did end up going to the Zoo on Friday. It was alot of fun but I got a really bad burn, which will hopefully turn into a nice tan but I highly doubt it.

On saturday Rachelle and I turned back the clock to about 1998 and spend the night watching old backstreet boys videos LOL. It was too much fun. We were getting ready for the big concert in August ( CAN'T WAIT)

Sunday we spent the afternoon swimming at Mike's mom's and guess what I got burnt again. So basically I am a lobster, a very sore one at that.

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