Thursday, April 10, 2008

My babies

Just thought to write about my dogs for those of you who have never had the pleasure of meeting them.

Oliver is my first baby and I got him for Christmas 3 years ago from Mike. He is a toy poodle, black and weighs about 7 lbs soaking wet. He is a very loyal dog and just loves to have fun.

Chiko is the second and we got him from someone at Mike's work who was having her second baby and just didn't have the time for him anymore. He is a chiuaha/pug mix and he is moody. But we love him regardless.

Last but not least is Oreo, she is our youngest and she is part Shitzu/Yorkie/Bischon. We found her online from some people who were looking for a good home for her becuase they moved from a home to an apt and didnt have the time to walk her. She is very good natured and just loves to play.

Its kinda funny how all of them have their own little personalities kinda like people.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great weekend

This past Saturday me and 2 of my closed girls Jen and MA, celebrated our birthdays together. The night was a great deal of fun and everyone had a blast.
For some reason when we get a large group of people over at our place someone usually ends up stairboggoning, let me explain what this is for those of you who have never had the chance to see it or enjoy the thrill of it all. To pretty much sum it up someone sits at the top of the stairs and then slides down on their ass. Sounds kinda stupid and dangerous??? Well it is but what the hell you only live once.
Well Mike and Mat decided to go down together and my little dog Chiko, wouldn't move off the stairs and was punted down the stairs. ( I know its not funny, but picture the whole thing happening) He was pretty much traumatized by these and spent most of the night hiding under the bed. AWWW my poor Chiko.
He is fine now and he has come out from under the bed.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Is your life what you expected?!

So, I just celebrated my 27th birthday, and it is a very hard thing for me to except that I have no entered my late 20's. 7 Years ago if someone had asked me what I thought my life would be like, this is defenitley not what I had in mind. Now with saying that, I am not at all implying that I am unhappy with the way my life has turned out so far. I have an amazing boyfriend Mike with whom I just celebrated 4 great years with. I have 3 dogs that I love to death and ask any of my friends they are more like my babies, last October we just bought our first house, and I have the most amazing friends anyone can ever want.

It is funny tho how life can throw us some pretty serious curve balls. A year ago I didn't even know where my life was headed. But today I can see such a bright and happy future, not perfect mind you but happy.

I guess the most important thing I have learned is to just be happy with what you have been given, make the most out of each day and love your friends because they truly are the family you chose for your self.